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Fish Box Africa is a vibrant marketplace in Kenya dedicated to fish and feed, aiming to address gender disparities within the Blue Economy. StardustConcept, through our association with the HerMeNow Accelerator, was commissioned to refresh Fish Box Africa’s logo, typography, and color palette.

/ the brief

Fish Box Africa was established to help fish farmers lower their production costs and advocate for marginalized groups such as women and youth, positioning itself as a pioneer in East Africa’s Blue Economy. The founder, Madeleine, desired a brand identity that mirrored values of inclusivity, efficiency, and innovation.


fish box logo old


fish box logo

/ the concept

Fish Box Africa positions itself as an integrated solutions provider focused on enhancing farming efficiency. Its flagship products include a Smart Fish Feeder and Farm Management Software, both designed to minimize production costs and provide actionable data-driven insights. The inspiration for our redesign stemmed from the company's technology-driven approach and its commitment to mission-driven objectives.

// the logo

The customer-facing aspect of the company is the fish feeder, necessitating a logo that is instantly recognizable, legible, and memorable, ensuring it stands out in a competitive market. Our goal was to create a minimalistic, crisp icon adaptable across various sizes and easy to identify in a bustling marketplace.


// the final logo

Through various drafts, the theme of a minimalist fish icon was a constant. This evolved into a blend of a fish and a box, symbolizing the core of Fishbox Africa’s operations succinctly.

fish box final logos

// fonts

The primary typeface selected was Quicksand, chosen for its clarity and modern feel.


quicksand font bold


quicksand font light

// color palette

Madeleine requested a color scheme that reflected the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to Fishbox Africa:

No poverty – SDG 1
Zero hunger – SDG 2
Gender equality – SDG 5
Climate action – SDG 13
Life below water – SDG 14
Partnerships for the goals – SDG 17

Learn more about SDGs here

fishbox colors

// mockups

The team at Fish Box Africa was extremely pleased with the redesign and subsequently enlisted our services to overhaul their website. We look forward to unveiling the updated online presence soon!

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