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/ the brief

This was a fun one! We were asked to create a logo for Divasify from a two-sentence brief.

DIVASIFY - is a clever play-on-words name. Inspired by the word diversify (replacing the er with a, makes diva or powerful woman).

Anything goes, they said!

/ the concept

A diva, being a shorthand for flamboyance, inspired us to look at butterflies.

exploratory concepts for divasify logo

A women with butterfly wings striking a flamboyant pose was the direction we chose.

// the tagline

Divasify tagline - "Own Yourself"

// the color palette

Colour swatches for Divasify

// fonts


Letters of the alphabet displayed in Cinzel font


Letters of alphabet displayed in Raleway font

// the logo

Divasify logo

// mockups

divasify logo
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