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Oyana is an investment firm with a focus on alternative investments addressing key global issues such as climate change and food insecurity. We were tasked with envisioning a logo and accompanying story that conveyed the firm’s ambition towards positive impact.

oyana logo

/ the brief

Oyana is trying to pull the future forward with investments in aerospace, food production, environment, health and deep science. They wanted their logo to reflect the breadth of ambition while remaining approachable and reflecting the human, passionate side of their mission.

/ the concept

// the mission statement

Based on interviews with key stakeholders, we constructed a mission statement that would guide our design process. Our emphasis was on a tone that is forward thinking and optimistic, along with the ambition for which high-tech is known.

Tomorrow is unwritten. A better tomorrow is destined to be written by those inspired to solve the crises of today.

With investments in Aerospace, FoodTech, CleanTech and DeepTech, Oyana is committed to inspiring radical solutions in the realms that play an immense role in our lives.

A better tomorrow is possible, it just needs the right inspiration.

Rise Together

// the tagline

The purpose of the tagline is to summarize the firm’s purpose - Identify teams inventing the future with the intent to inspire, nourish and guide their vision from possibility to reality. The winning candidate was -

"Rise Together"

// the color palette

Using Oyana’s five investment pillars as inspiration, we extracted the color palette.

Colour swatches for Oyana with images used as reference

// fonts

Leaning on our research into “street”wise and “Industrial” elements, we landed on the following fonts.


Letters of the alphabet in Swavao font


Letters of the alphabet in Gayaku font


Letters of the alphabet in Last Signature font

// the logo

For the icon, we were inspired to look at hands.

Hands can be extremely expressive.
Whether it be in dance or inter-personal communication,
millions of people use their hands to express their inner most thoughts.

We wanted to use two hands to illustrate the concept of nurture. Great ideas are like a flickering flame in the wind, you have to use your hands to protect them and keep them alive.

In the same way, Oyana protects and nurtures their investments and ensures they thrive.

// early explorations

Logo explorations for Oyana's icon focussed on hands
Logo explorations for Oyana's icon
oyana logo

// website

Oyana icons
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