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Insightful Awareness  offers online therapy catered for the digital age, specializing in existential and humanistic psychology. StardustConcept was brought in to redesign the visual identity to better represent the professionalism of the firm and create a website that serves to inform and interact with potential clients.

/ the brief

The founder of Insightful Awareness, Esmeralda Hassan, is a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) certified therapist offering individual psychotherapy, mental health counseling group therapy, and support services through online sessions.
Our mission was to craft a visual identity that best represented the tremendous value of existential and humanistic psychology.


insightful awareness old logo


ia logo vertical 2

/ the concept

Using interviews that we conducted with the founder, we built a word cloud that represented the company in her own words. Our goal was to create something authentic to the founder’s unique vision.


We assumed the name was an industry insider term. It evokes curiosity in its simplicity but also a professional depth in the combination of these particular words. We used this to inform our very first thoughts on the visual identity.

// the logo

We were struck by the original logo. It seemed to capture an idea foundational to Esmeralda - making therapy feel approachable.

Our earliest drafts explored this idea through the lens of trendy graphic design.

But these felt a bit too slick. There was something humane and humble in the original logo. we were drawn by the feelings of nurture and the fruits of personal growth, clearly drawn from deep within the founder’s psyche.

Our goal became creating an icon that captures the beauty of a growing, blooming plant.

ia logo concept 5
ia logo concept 4
ia logo concept 3
ia logo concept 2
ia logo concept 1

// the final logo

After much deliberation, the final logo emerged. It captures the energy of the original while representing the founder’s vision in a deeper dimension. We ensured the logo works in multiple lockups and sizes

ia logo vertical 2
ia logo variation 6
ia logo variation 7

// the final logo variations

ia logo variation 2
ia logo variation 4
ia logo variation 5
ia logo variation 1
ia logo variation 3

// fonts

The primary typeface selected was Saudagar, a stylish modern calligraphy font with casual chic flair. The secondary font is Lato, a humanist sans-serif typeface.


saudagar font


lato font

// color palette

We wanted to represent waves of realization that culminate into a peaceful transition. The founder was keen on a palette that represented warmth, hope, and a soothing feeling. She asked us to study the sunrise, waters, and sunflowers. We employed gradients to represent this after agonizing over the color choices that best-represented openness, renewal, and serenity

light blue color
yellow color
insightful awareness gradient color
gray color
gray color 2
purple color
orange color
indigo color
turquoise color
lime color

// website

All of our exploration and process culminated in the website. We built it to be a low-barrier entry to the world of psychotherapy. With inviting copywriting, use of the color palette, and playful illustrations that introduced the concepts and their values, the site serves as the first point of introduction to Esmeralda herself, her values, her friendly spirit as well as the easiest way to book a consultation.

ia icon
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