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StardustConcept was brought in to collaborate with LordIvan aka Lordy, a talented rapper, as he built out his first album to deliver a brand identity that was as ambitious as he is, and is ready for the global audience that he has cultivated.

Lordy icon

/ the brief

LordIvan is a unique personality and charismatic set of contraditions. Brimming with confidence, the man is often soaring with ideas of global musical domination whilst also being incredibly sober about the realities of trying to turn passions as ephemeral as music into a sustainable and creatively satisfying career. We were charmed by Lordy’s drive and were eager to translate his energy into ink and pixels as we took on the challenge of creating the Lordy brand identity.

/ the concept

// keywords

From our wide-ranging interviews that navigated from music theory to winding tales of his personal history, we attempted to gather the essence of the man. Our intent was to boil down the input to a set of keywords that we could translate into design.

A world traveller of diverse ethnic backgrounds, we settled on one word that could describe LordIvan’s identity :

Flowchart of keywords developed to create the Lordy logo

// the tagline

Perhaps the element that came forth the fastest, the tagline for an artist who planned on becoming a superstar, the tagline seemed obvious -

Lordy tagline - "Tomorrow the World"

// the color palette

The artist and his producing partner wanted bring in colors that represented energy, power, luxury and royalty. They were keen to collaborate with us to narrow down the palette.

Colour swatches for Lordy

// fonts

Leaning on our research into “street”wise and “Industrial” elements, we landed on the following fonts.


Letters of the alphabet in MBF Mainlander font


Letters of the alphabet in Metropolis font

// the logo V 1.0

Our first attempt was in pursuit of capturing a luxury, jet-setter lifestyle, while still feeling refined and sleek.

Lordy icon usage examples

// icons


crown icon

A crown representing exclusivity and luxury. Putting the “Lord” in LORDY


Lordy star icon

Two arrows colliding into each other representing the artist’s unique voice developed from his multicultural experience.


Double arrow icon

Double arrows (pointed in any direction) representing the artist’s fast paced lifestyle as a globe trotter experienced in the finer things in life


Globe icon

A globe representing the ambition to be known worldwide as a top-tier artist.

the icons could be
used with the logo
in various permutations

Lordy alternate icon options

V 2.0

We imagined a barcode-inspired version, such as those found on a digital boarding pass.
Lordy fourth barcode version of alternate logo

inspired by barcodes

Barcode sample

alternate version

Lordy barcode favicon
Lordy third barcode version of alternate logo
Lordy second barcode version of alternate logo
Lordy barcode version of alternate logo
Lordy alternate icon exploration in blue

but finally....

Through a series of refinements, we arrived at our final logo.

Lordy Logo
Lordy Favicon
One Belvedere
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