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Spatio is the spa in the ambitious One Belvedere project - a luxurious country-style bed and breakfast, wellness center and events venue situated on a working farm in the heart of Tuscany. We were tasked with envisioning a logo that reinforced the unique blend of italian hospitality, tuscan countryside and a luxury spa experience.

Spatio logo

/ the brief

One Belvedere is a place where nature meets luxury and where conscientious service is dedicated to each guest’s utmost comfort. To stay at One Belvedere is to exist in complete harmony with the famous natural beauty of Tuscany.

Spatio is core to One Belvedere’s ideals of rediscovery, realignment, and rejuvenation. Our task was to create the logo for Spatio by interpreting the values of One Belvedere in the spirit of a luxury spa.

/ the concept

// the tagline

Spatio in italian means “space”. As the spa is about rejuvenation and bringing inner harmony, we aligned quickly on the tagline -

the space within.

// the color palette

Using the physical space, materials and the land as inspiration, we settled on a color palette that spoke “refined, minimalist and luxurious”

Explainer with reference for Spatio color theme

// the icon

Inspired by the beautiful Tuscan night sky, and our tagline that defined the expanse of space within the human body and mind, we constructed a geometric star; a living object radiating energy. Though from a seemingly tiny source, its light is ever expanding and illuminating.

Spatio icon transformation

// the logo

As the light of the star expands so do the letterforms. A minimalist choice that, rather than scream its unique experience, chooses to whisper its meditative tagline.

Spatio logo

// alternate / favicon

We further refined the icon to work in applications of small sizes where the full logo would be too obscure when scaled down.

Spatio icon

// patterns

Inspired by the patterns of tilework found in roman bath houses, we took our star and created an undulating pattern, recognizable yet discreet.

Spatio patterns

// applications

Spatio icon
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